• Educating and inspiring future innovators
    Learn to build games, apps, and lifelong skills
  • Code. Laugh. Laugh. Learn
    Join us in building your own unique video game!

    With help from a trained instructor, you will design and build your own video games.
    You can even learn how to add your game to app stores. Yep. Just like Flappy Bird.

  • App Store. Check.
    Build and add YOUR game to the App Store

    Students not only build games, the games they build can also be added to the
    Google Play or Apple app store. After that, the possibilities are endless!

Game Design Class is in Session

Learn how to build video games and mobile applications

If you are interested in learning how to build video games, you have come to the right place. Sign up to become part of Propeller Tech Academy. We provide camps, classes, and after school programs designed to teach technical skills and inspire the next generation of innovators. Students will not only learn to build their own unique video games but also increase their science, math, engineering and design knowledge.

Launch a Game

Students will develop the skills necessary to build a game from the ground up. They will plan, storyboard, design, develop and launch a real working video game.

More than building

Propeller isn't just about building games. Students will have fun with activities that teach students how math and science work hand-in-hand with developing video games.

Continued Learning

Learning doesn't stop when the student leaves the classroom. All students will gain access to FREE resources to continue building and creating games while improving their tech skills.

Team Work

Contrary to popular belief, game building is a major team effort. All students work in teams to come up with unique ideas and build their original games.

Video Game Camp - Propeller Tech Academy

What is Propeller Tech Academy?

A collection of camps, classes, and after school programs teaching students how to build their own unique games while emphasizing skills in science, math, and computer programming

  • 10:1 Student/Teacher ratio
  • Build science and math skills
  • Learn to build games
  • Launch an App
  • Learn programming

  • Develop creativity
  • Learn Storyboarding
  • Design characters
  • Create storylines
  • Learn game marketing

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A passionate and dedicated team focused on building the next generation of engineers, designers, developers, and computer scientists

Adam Learing

Propeller Director

Why Hello. You guessed it, that guy over there is me, Adam. I am a Propeller Tech Academy director and instructor. Having the opportunity to introduce students to game development is rewarding, but honestly the most rewarding thing is seeing where they take it!
Favorite Game: Mario Kart 64

Shane Thomas

Propeller Director

Yep, that's me, Shane. I am a Propeller Tech Academy Director and instructor. I know this might sound cheesy, but I have my dream job. Getting to go to work and help students learn about math, science, and STEM topics while building video games is just plain AWESOME.
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VII

Eric Kannas

Game Instructor

Yep, that is me up there. I am one of the game instructors at Propeller Tech. Since I am already a "gamer" at heart, the transition to teaching students was a SUPER easy decision for me. Every day I get to work with students who share the same passions as me and that is the best.
Favorite Game: Destiny

Mike Chamness

Game Instructor

Hello fellow gamers! It's me, Mike. I must confess, I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. My passion for video games definitely shows when I am teaching students at Propeller Tech. The idea of helping a student create their own unique game from scratch and turning it into an app is amazing.
Favorite Game: Halo


Numbers don't tell everything. Numbers don't tell you that we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. However, numbers do help tell our story.

Interactive Game Development Projects
Hours of game development material
Different age groups spanning K-12
to One Student to Teacher Ratio


Here are what some of our past students and parents have had to say

Game camp has inspired me to be a computer software programmer when I grow up.

Alex D - Student


I never thought I could build my own games but now I can thanks to my instructors help.

Lauren - Student